We pay attention to a quality choice of beverages. Signature cocktails menu, selection of purely slovak wines, home-made iced teas, fermented drinks... Just make your selection.

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Kaffir Lime G&T
/Tanqueray Export, Kaffir Lime Cordial, 1724 Tonic/
160 ml •7 €
Cherry & Basil SPRITZ
/Aperol, Cinzano 1757, Cherry Balsamico, Prosecco, Basil Soda/
180 ml •8 €
Cherry SOUR
/Havana 3, Bacardi Blanca, Citrus, Cherries, Bitters/
90 ml •8 €
/Chivas 12, Jasmin Coldbrew, Angostura Bitters, San Cosme/
180 ml •8 €
Banana-Pineapple OLD FASHIONED
/Plantation Pineapple, Banana, Pineapple Bitters/
60 ml •9 €
Apricot & White Pepper MARGARITA
/Altos Plata, Apricot , Citrus, Cider Vinegar, White Pepper, Sea Salt/
90 ml •8 €
Watermelon-Cucumber FIZZ
/Ketel One, Watermelon, Cucumber, Soda/
180 ml •8 €
Raspberry & Sloe CLOVER CLUB
/Plymouth, Haymans Sloe Gin, Raspberry, Citrus, Egg White/
90 ml •8 €
Seedlip & Yuzu Tonic (No-Alco)
/Seedlip Blend, Yuzu, East Imperial Yuzu Tonic, Lemon, Orange/
150 ml •7 €
Elderflower - Strawberry SPRITZ (No - Alco)
/Elderflower syrup, strawberries, Ginger Ale by Organics/
150 ml •7 €

Aperitivo & Digestivo

SXDG Negroni
/Tanqueray, Campari, SXDG Sweet Vermouth Blend/
90 ml •8 €
Fluffy Campari & Orange
/Campari, Fresh Orange Juice/
160 ml •7,50 €

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